how a restaurant used social media branding to increase revenue

Q's Wings & Burger was having a difficult time projecting their quality product on social media. We decided that we had to improve their brand image through consistency and design.

Social media before Circle

Like most restaurant businesses, the owners did not have the time, knowledge or resources to spend on social media. The facebook page was set up but posting was of low quality and inconsistent. Photography was boring and did not build interest or meet expectation.


average per post


average per post

qs old social media posts


  • improve creative content quality
  • establish consistent posting schedule
  • interact with clients through comments and messages
  • long term strategy

*spending budget was practically $0. an average of $9/month was being spent.

qs social facebook post photography

Social media after Circle

Through consistent visual branding, posting and engagement on social media, Q’s Wings & Burger restaurant drastically increased positive engagement on facebook. Revenue saw a large increase as well.


average per post


average per post

50% increaserevenue

q's social media posts

Photography examples