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Gala Stone

REQUIREMENT Gala Stone is the epitome of luxury when it comes to countertop solutions. Rooted in a tradition of uncompromising quality and an impeccable eye for detail, they have sculpted their niche in providing the finest materials like quartz, marble, and Corian. Every slab curated by Gala Stone isn’t just a piece of stone but a testament to luxury, durability, and sophistication that accentuates the heart of every home – the kitchen.

OUR ANSWER Drawing inspiration from Gala Stone’s commitment to luxury and precision, we devised a branding strategy that speaks to their upscale clientele. A poised color palette of black and copper embodies the brand’s luxurious essence, marrying both contemporary elegance and timeless allure. Central to our design narrative is the emblematic “G” icon, conceived as a hallmark of authenticity and quality. Whether it’s elegantly engraved into the heart of their countertops or displayed as a badge on their products, it stands as a symbol of the unparalleled excellence Gala Stone brings to the realm of countertop materials. The brand, in its entirety, resonates with opulence and perfection, perfectly echoing Gala Stone’s mission of elevating spaces with their premium stone selections.

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