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REQUIREMENT Flovers isn’t just another flower shop; it is an ode to the delicate art of floral arrangements, born from an unyielding passion for flowers and design. Venturing beyond the realms of a conventional florist, Flovers meticulously crafts floral masterpieces that breathe life into events and occasions. Their expertise doesn’t just end at arranging bouquets; they translate emotions into blossoming stories that adorn special moments in people’s lives.

OUR ANSWER With the brand vision in mind, our design approach for Flovers sought to mirror the essence of their craft – the simplicity of nature, accentuated by meticulous design touches. The brand’s wordmark is crafted with elegant simplicity, allowing the name itself to evoke imagery of fresh blooms. But it’s the illustrative patterns where the brand truly comes alive. Hand-drawn with precision, these patterns capture the intricate details and beauty of florals, embodying the passion and craft of Flovers. The color palette, a harmonious blend of pinks and golds, evokes feelings of warmth, love, and luxury, tying together the brand’s promise of premium floral experiences. In its entirety, the branding for Flovers is a seamless fusion of simplicity and sophistication, perfectly encapsulating their dedication to making life’s moments bloom brighter.

✓ Brand Identity
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