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Chef Tareq Taha

REQUIREMENT Chef Tareq Taha, a culinary maestro hailing from Jerusalem, is not just any chef; he is an embodiment of a tale that seamlessly intertwines passion, tradition, and innovation. The backdrop of his story is the aromatic alleys of Jerusalem where food spells love and heritage. Raised in the heart of a family where his mother’s divine culinary creations harmonized with his father’s legacy as a second-generation hummus maker, Tareq’s journey to culinary stardom was serendipitous. Although initially inclined towards design and art, a twist of fate steered him towards the world of gastronomy. With a degree in hotel management, professional training in Jerusalem and France, and stints alongside esteemed chefs like Ibrahim Abu Seir, Johnny Goric, and Joseph Asfour, Tareq carved a niche for himself. His participation in Top Chef Arabia, where he secured the third position, further solidified his stature. His culinary art, an alchemy of traditional Palestinian roots and contemporary techniques, gives birth to dishes that are both nostalgic and novel, like his fried kubbeh with lemon caviar and crispy tabbouleh on puffed rice paper.

OUR ANSWER Recognizing the multi-faceted persona of Chef Tareq Taha, we aimed to design a brand identity that encapsulated his essence – both as a chef and an artist. Embracing his penchant for abstract patterns and doodles, the brand draws directly from his artistic repository, creating a rich tapestry that mirrors his culinary and artistic journey. Central to our design is the icon crafted from the letter “Q” from his name, conceived to serve as a window. This window not just frames his gastronomic creations but also offers a peek into his world, his inspirations, his dreams. In essence, it’s a portal to Chef Tareq Taha’s universe, where every dish tells a story, every doodle sings a song, and every flavor is an emotion. The brand, in its simplicity and depth, resonates with Tareq’s dream of etching modern Palestinian cuisine onto the global culinary canvas.

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