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REQUIREMENT The legacy of 1880 is deeply intertwined with the heritage of Nablus, Palestine. Having been in operation since the eponymous year, this factory has upheld the age-old tradition of crafting olive oil soaps. However, recognizing the modern shift towards liquid soaps without compromising on their foundational ethos, 1880 introduced a liquid hand soap variation. This innovation, while being an ode to the traditional bar soaps, is formulated with 100% olive oil, ensuring the same quality and authenticity. Beyond the original formulation, they’ve also ventured into aromatic infusions with rose and lavender scents, creating a sensory experience with every wash.

OUR ANSWER In shaping the brand identity for 1880, our design inspiration was anchored in striking a balance between the brand’s illustrious heritage and the nuances of the modern world. The palette, dominated by earthy greens and beiges, is punctuated with hints of purples and pinks to differentiate the scented variants. Opting for a minimal design approach, we’ve streamlined the aesthetic to represent modern luxury. Yet, despite its opulent undertones, the design remains grounded and down-to-earth, mirroring the brand’s ethos of staying true to its roots while embracing the contemporary. The result is a brand image that feels both timeless and current, a tribute to a legacy that has thrived for over a century.

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