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REQUIREMENT The team behind Bwindi recognized a specific, often overlooked niche in the fashion realm: the nocturnal enthusiasts drawn to the allure of car culture, night drives, and the pulsating beats of rap music. Their aim was to establish a brand that serves as a beacon for these night owls, encapsulating both their fashion and lifestyle choices. This wasn’t just about clothing; it was about creating an emblem, a symbol of their distinct identity.

OUR ANSWER Our design approach for Bwindi was rooted in the understanding of its audience’s unique persona. The powerful angular logo, centered around the letter ‘B’, was crafted to resonate as a badge – a mark of pride for its wearers. This wasn’t just a letter; it was a statement, echoing the robust and unapologetic nature of the Bwindi tribe. Our chosen textures of black signify the mystery of the night, the gradient silver rainbow reflects the kaleidoscope of city lights during nocturnal drives, and the fierce red embodies the passion and energy of rap music. Through these design elements, Bwindi isn’t just presented as a brand, but as a movement, uniting all those who thrive under the cloak of darkness.

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