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Angus Shawarma

REQUIREMENT Angus Shawarma approached the culinary scene with a unique proposition: to infuse the beloved tradition of shawarma with the undeniable quality of 100% Angus beef. Stemming from their rich background as butchers, their vision was broader than just shawarma. They aspired to extend their expertise in beef and butchery to a full-fledged restaurant offering, including high-end steaks and a diverse array of side dishes. In this challenging shawarma market, the brand’s uniqueness lay in their blend of traditional culinary delights with premium meat quality.

OUR ANSWER To encapsulate the brand’s essence, our design philosophy drew inspiration from the very heart of their offering – the flame. This flame, reminiscent of the vibrant shawarma grill and the sizzle of a steak on a hot grill, became the central motif of our branding. The color palette of beige, dark brown, and red was deliberately chosen. Beige resonates with the authenticity and traditional touch of the shawarma, dark brown signifies the depth and richness of Angus beef, while red captures the fervor of the flame, the passion of cooking, and the zest of flavor. Through this design, we spotlight Angus Shawarma’s commitment to premium quality and their seamless fusion of two culinary worlds.

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