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Esells Post

REQUIREMENT With the e-commerce landscape in Palestine flourishing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Esells Post observed a critical market void: a comprehensive package delivery service that connected all Palestinian cities. Their mission wasn’t merely to serve as a logistical bridge, but to amplify the delight and exhilaration every package brought to its recipient.

OUR ANSWER Our branding strategy pivoted from the mechanical facets of package delivery to the heartfelt emotions tethered to the moment a package is received. Recognizing this emotional connection, we coined the slogan “Delivering Smiles” for Esells Post. The visuals we chose radiate the feelings of eager anticipation and the sheer joy reminiscent of festive moments like Eid or Christmas. By integrating design elements that marry the warmth of gifting with the assurance of efficient delivery, and using typography that’s both lively and comforting, we positioned Esells Post not just as a delivery service, but as a messenger of happiness for Palestinians.

✓ Brand Identity
✓ Photography
✓ Videography