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REQUIREMENT The team at Weshred, inspired by the tenacity of the everyday athlete, understands the value of motivation in pushing physical limits. With a straightforward goal in mind, they aimed to develop products that serve as catalysts for this motivation, driving people to achieve more in their fitness journeys. They sought our expertise in crafting a brand image that would vividly encapsulate this mission in an industry already brimming with fitness narratives.

OUR ANSWER Veering away from the commonplace visuals of the fitness realm, our design approach for Weshred is a blend of simplicity and intensity. The straightforward aesthetics signify the unadulterated focus of an athlete, while the inclusion of dynamic visuals speaks of the energy and drive inherent in their mission. Our choice of typography melds modern design with the sheer grit of the fitness world, setting Weshred apart as a distinctive voice that compels bodies to move with purpose.

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